Sugarfree Shoes

Sugarfree Shoes merges a fusion of stunning colors and fun design with an elegant feminine silhouette. A mix of trendy day shoes, glamorous heels and detailed party stoppers completes your wardrobe.

Sugarfree Shoes offers a new collection each month with influences taken from the latest catwalk trends. Each collection is fashionable and characterized by its constant freshness with a rich color palette, luxury design and eye catching surface decorations.

Sugarfree Shoes takes you from Parisian chic to Hollywood superstar at an affordable price. (more…)

The Hunted

For the adventurous, risk-takers & heart-breakers. Nothing stands in the way of you & your dreams. Sky’s the limit & The Hunted styles will take you all the way. (more…)


5 B’s to live by…
Always see the BEAUTY in everything.
BODY… take care of yourself.
BRAINS… make wise choices.
BFFs… love them fiercely.
BRAVERY… take risks! Live is too short not too. (more…)



Carbonii is an upcoming fashion brand launched for all girls who are confident under the spotlight.

Carbonii is like the carbonate water, one of a cocktail recipe adding sparkle to highlight your outfit, our collection is a mix of simple modern shape and some are more decorative, like different spirits mix into different cocktails.

Sexy, feminine and flirty with style is our key concept. Our dress design focuses into different fashionable silhouettes that makes everything you need for all occasions. With Carbonii, you are definitely ready for a dazzling day as well as an enchanted evening. (more…)

Drop of Mindfullness

Drop of Mindfulness consists of athletic yoga wear for the modern participator. The philosophy behind the collection is to offer functionality and innovative design combined with modern materials which gives maximum comfort and fit for an active workout.

Drop of Mindfulness is a playful, colorful and feminine collection with inspiration from the USA, where the combination of yoga, training and trend are much more developed.

The products are designed so that they fit to all kind of training, and also like a nice and comfortable outfit for every day. (more…)

Dry Lake

Dry Lake is a fresh, feminine and flirtatious brand primarily known for its fashionable dresses.

By mixing soft with hard Dry Lake creates a contemporary and confident style, easy to fall in love with always ready to wear.

With a strong focus on modern girl who loves to be out and about, Dry Lake always fresh and always up to date. (more…)